Sunnah Assistant android app is now Live* on Google Play Store. This is an app that enables you to set reminders that help you become a better muslim. You can set reminders about various tasks in your day to day life be it prayer time alerts, meeting alerts, submitting assignment alerts e.t.c

Brief Overview of the App

✓ Set Reminders from various categories Sunnah reminders, Prayer Times, other reminders such as meetings.

✓ Optionally get prayer time alerts based on your preferred settings

✓ View Hijri (Islamic) date

✓ Beautiful User Interface and ability to select between two themes Light and Dark/Night mode

✓ Free with no Ads

Link to Download: Sunnah Assistant Android App – Google Play Store

Some Screenshots

Link to Download: Sunnah Assistant Android App – Google Play Store

*The App is still on testing phase feedback is highly appreciated. Comment below or Email us at thesunnahrevival [email protected]. Also tweet us @thesunahrevival

Assalam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Alhamdulillah We’ve been running our whatsapp broadcast list for almost a year now and many have joined.

Unfortunately due to some unavoidable circumstances and Whatsapp restrictions Such as:

  • Only 1 person can manage an account at a time,
  • Inability to schedule messages ,
  • Inability to automatically add new users to a list and
  • auto reply features

We’ve decided to discontinue the broadcast list and migrate to other apps or use other methods such as:

  1. Join our Telegram Channel: Link to channel
  2. Our android App which has an option to receive hadith daily at 8 am (the user’s local time). And more features may be added in future in shaa Allah. Link to app
  3. This Blog which has an option of receiving Hadith via Email on a daily basis. To subscribe to this mailing list if on PC see the right side of the blog and if on mobile tap the top right grid as shown on the screenshot below then select receive hadith via email.
  4. To join our mailing list via phone Tap the top right grid as shown in the screenshot and select receive hadith via email
  5. Or join us on our Facebook page (The Sunnah Revival), Twitter (@thesunahrevival), Instagram (thesunnahrevival).

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and may Allah bless us all and make us steadfast in our religion and help us to do good deeds that please Him. Ameen

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