7 thoughts on “SMILING IS SUNNAH!!

  1. Indeed! Islam is great! Alhamdulillah, even smiling,, it’s included as ibadah in our deen. Jazakillah khoir my sister for sharing the sunnah with us. 😊

    1. SubhaanAllah!! What a great religion Islam is!!… We are so blessed to be Muslims AlhamduLillah!!😊. JazakiLlah Khayr for the support sister😘!

    1. You are right brother👍. As muslims we should smile😀 no matter what mood we are in…because SMILING IS SUNNAH.(also smiling changes a bad mood into a good one😀!!)

        1. Ameen. May Allah protect us all…Ameen. And let’s all keep smiling In Shaa Allah😀. JazakaLlah Khayr brother!!

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