3 thoughts on “Gold And Silk For Men

  1. This is a review of scientific or medical analysis …. The physicists have concluded that the gold atom can penetrate into the skin and into the human blood, and if a man wearing a certain amount of gold in the long term, the impact on which is caused in the blood and urine will contain gold atoms in the percentage that exceeds the limit (this incident is also known as “migration of gold ‘
    And if this happens, it could lead to Alzheimer’s disease, Alzheimer’s is a disease where the person loses all mental and physical abilities as well as causing back like a child. Alzheimer’s is not normal aging, but it is a compulsion or forced aging.

    And why Islam allows women to wear gold ? Because it is noteworthy that women do not suffer from this problem because every month, harmful particles resulting from the use of gold released through menstruation (menses).

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