One thought on “All Sins Forgiven!!

  1. Gratitude to God

    The Quran says that the purpose of fasting is to develop thankfulness for God. While fasting one does not drink water throughout the day despite feeling very thirsty. When one breaks the fast in the evening and drinks water, one realizes the importance of God’s blessing in the form of water. When the Prophet broke his fast, he said: The thirst is quenched and the nerves are refreshed. When one drinks water in the evening after being temporarily deprived of it during the day, one experiences a strong feeling of gratitude to God. When one gets something back after having lost it, one becomes very conscious of its importance. So, when one breaks one’s fast, one discovers that food and water are great blessings. Fasting has been prescribed to awaken the spirit of thankfulness for God’s blessings. The more you discover God’s blessings on you, the more close you come to God. One acknowledges God for His blessings even in normal circumstances. But when these blessings are taken away for a period of time and then one receives them again, one realizes their importance with greater intensity.

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